Original wooden marker of Union solder Nix, 24th Wisconsin

This marker is on display in the museum’s visitor’s center at STRI. It belonged to Lt. Christian Nix of the 24th Wisconsin. He was buried January 5th. STRI archives also has a tintype of Lt. Nix in uniform in their collection. He is now buried in lot  N-5390.

The 24th Wisconsin served in Sill’s Brigade under Sheridan with these units:

  • 36th Illinois: Col Nicholas Greusel, Maj Silas Miller (w&c), Cpt Porter C. Olson
  • 88th Illinois: Col Francis T. Sherman
  • 21st Michigan: Ltc William B. McCreery
  • 24th Wisconsin: Maj Elisha C. Hibbard

Nix was a German immigrant from Milwaukee who enlisted in 1861. He originally enlisted with the 6th Wisconsin Infantry but transferred to the 24th Wisconsin Infantry. He was killed on 12/31/62. The 24th Wisconsin suffered terrible casualties at the BOSR, many in the Slaughter Pen area.

NixThe NPS maintains a file of letters and correspondence related to Christian Nix (see file).

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Take advantage of the Stone’s River Park Rangers

We are very fortunate to have access to several Stones River National Battlefield Park Rangers like John McKay who also serves as the Education Coordinator.  McKay is from Bardstown, Kentucky. He has been with STRI for nine years.

When planning your trip to STRI, make sure to check out the planned programs and events. There are usually several every month.

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