Here are some excellent resources to take advantage of related to the Battle of Stones River and Civil War Murfreesboro.




Larry Daniel, Battle of Stones River: The Forgotten Conflict Between the Confederate Army of Tennessee and the Union Army of the Cumberland.

Peter CozzensNo Better Place to Die: The Battle of Stones River (Civil War Trilogy) by Peter Cozzens.

Christopher L. Kolakowski. The Stones River and Tullahoma Campaigns: This Army Does Not Retreat (Civil War Sequicentennial) by Christopher L. Kolakowski and Douglas Bostick.

James L. McDonough. Stones River – Bloody Winter in Tennessee.

Matt Sprull. Winter Lightning: A Guide to the Battle of Stones River. by Matt Spruill and Lee Spruill.

David R. Logsdon. Eyewitnesses at the Battle of Stone’s River. Compiled and Edited by Logsdon.

Kendall, Hascall, et. al., The Battle of Stone’s River,1862-3: Seven Accounts of the Stone’s River/Murfreesboro Conflict During the American Civil War by Henry Kendall, Milo Hascall and Wilson J. Vance .

Lanny Smith. The Stone’s River Campaign: 26 December 1862 – 5 January 1863 (Vol. 1, The Union Army), and The Stone’s River Campaign – 26 December 1862 – 5 January 1863: Volume II The Army of Tennessee by Lanny Kelton Smith (Author, 2010). Order directly from Lanny.

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